New videos of Parsley Pie Art Club Hale!

So its been a very busy couple of months with all my term time classes here at Parsley Pie Hale, plus the Christmas holiday workshop & another Intergenerational art class! A few kids parties too & also my Pinot & paint Ladies evening! PHEW!!!  I thought i’d share a few videos

Parsley Pie Art Class in progress

The children who come to Parsley Pie Art Club don’t come for fame or glory!  They don’t come to make money or to win anything!  They don’t come to get a grade or certificate! They do come for the pure love of being truly creative!  They are passionate about art!!  Simpl

My lovely & loud Friday 4 – 5pm art class!

This is my awesome Friday 4-5pm class  My ace, fantastic & unique art club is 17 this year!! Woohoooo!!! So proud and chuffed to still be going strong & growing after all these years!!  I truly LOVE what I do!  Parsley Pie art club is a fabulous environment where children of a

Gallery of paintings by children, Hale Kid’s Art Club in Cheshire

SPRING 2016 Yay!!!!!