Parsley Pie Art Club was established in 2001. It was an invaluable light bulb moment for Jenny Bent, a professional artist, dancer and photographic model!
Jenny has no degree, no formal qualifications for working with children and no professional business training. Jenny is simply a great businesswoman with a pure a love of art and a passion for freedom of expression who gets on with all sorts of people, especially children!

Although Jenny spent three years studying art at college on a foundation course, she considers herself to be a self-taught painter, as whilst there she didn’t really draw or paint very much at all!

“I did not get on well with many of my tutors. I had several major bust ups with them on a regular basis! I felt that most of the time I could never please them. I was not a lazy student; I was simply working in a different way to how they expected. I found the painting and drawing classes and the methods of teaching so boring and very un-creative, un-imaginative, even tedious. I felt dictated to, restricted, and as if my creativity was being drowned and squashed away! Depressing! Any desires I had to paint were crushed. Consequently, I concentrated on sculpture, metal work, ceramics and anything that involved working in 3D. I also enjoyed photography. On a positive note, this provided me a with a great deal of knowledge about working with many different materials in many different ways”

Since leaving college in 1994, Jenny spent far more time drawing and painting and creating multi media works, spending hours and hours in her own creative world! She went on to specialize in creating original paintings and photographic/digital images inspired by the female form; produces art work for private clients, restaurants and interior designers. She also exhibited and sold her work all over the UK in private and public galleries. Jenny’s tasteful and quirky artwork has been featured several times in various magazines including The Erotic Review and Cheshire Life. She has private collectors of her artwork Nationwide, including a private collection of paintings at The Inns Of Court in London and also in America Portugal and Spain!

Jenny set up Parsley Pie Art Club in 2001 because she firstly need to earn a more regular income as selling paintings and gaining decent commissions was proving to be very hit and miss at times and she had a large brood of animals to consider plus bills and food for herself! Plus after talking to some of the parents she used to babysit for she soon got the feeling that there was a niche in the market. Jenny decided that it was her job to give children the opportunity to experience total freedom & creativity in a studio environment, let them explore their imaginations & experiment with a variety of techniques & mediums & if they make a mess, it doesn’t matter!! She wanted to create a place where kids could be kids, let rip and have fun! A relaxed place to learn and develop where there are no creative rules, boundaries or restrictions!

“I love my job, it’s that simple! I love getting stuck in, getting messy! My nails are always yucky but I don’t care! I love being an inspiration and guiding kid’s on a path that improves their self esteem! I love the flexibility of my job, the fact I’m not stuck in an office all day every day, the fact I get lots of time off! I love working with kids, it is a major part of the job which I have come to enjoy more and more over the years, especially now I am a mother myself, you have an even bigger and deeper empathy with them, you just want them to feel happy and confident! It’s a truly great experience to get to know children over time, see them grow and build their confidence and self esteem and just be happy! I love it!”