Why is Parsley Pie Art Club called Parsley Pie?

parsley pie cat, art club for children cheshire manchester
 Why is Parsley Pie Art Club called Parsley Pie? So, in 1997 I rescued a beautiful cat, I named him Parsley Pie! Parsley because I love the colour green  (at one point in my youth i had green hair! my forest hair, a multitude of shades of green!) & i love all things leafy, plants, [&he

History of the Parsley Pie Art Club Company

History of company jenny bent parsley pie art club revolution creativity
WAY BACK! Parsley Pie Art Club was established in 2001.  It was an invaluable genius light bulb moment for Jenny Bent, a professional artist, dancer and photographic model! Jenny had no degree, no real experience of working with children and no professional or formal business training.  Je

Jenny Bent Founder & Creator of Parsley Pie Art Club

jenny bent creative revolution parsley pie art club for children
  JENNY BENT ~ FOUNDER & CREATOR OF PARSLEY PIE Jenny Bent is the founder of Parsley Pie & has been running her Hale based art club for 17 years!   I LOVE LIFE! “I have many passions!  On a personal level I love my family! Family time is very important to me!  I love [&