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Term time classes, holiday workshops & parties for children! All ages & abilities welcome! Toddlers to teenagers & all children in between!

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To maintain my good health & the health & well being of all my art warriors, I have prepared a full risk assessment & set of guidelines, which is sent to everyone booking in.

Just briefly ~ Social distancing is in place & the cleaning of tables, chairs & art equipment is done between each & every class. Hand sanitiser is also available for each child throughout their class & there is an outside toilet & sink facility too.


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Term Time
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Term Time 121
4+ years – teenagers

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My daughter’s Jessica and Rebecca first came to Parsley Pie two summers ago and had the best time ever!!! No mummy to tell them not to be messy with their art stuff…. they had the freedom to explore with paints, clay, glitter and glue (not to mention the gorgeous goats in the garden!) and they had a wonderful time!

They returned last year and have been going regularly, and have produced some fabulous art pieces having been given valuable advice from the amazing Jenny and thoroughly enjoy their time there.

I would recommend it to any child regardless of their art skills as it gives each individual the opportunity to explore their talent.

December 21, 2015

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