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Term time classes resume 1st September 2021


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Term Time
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4+ years – teenagers

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Dear Jen.

What a wonderful club you offer to children. We love the way you give children the freedom to create their own picture, model, collage this develops their confidence and creativity and happiness. My daughter as you know has moderate learning disabilities and struggles with load noise and socialising which hinders her socially. What your club has given her is the ability to mix in small groups with many different children. She can be left with you and enjoys her hour creating laughing and having fun. You have opened a door for her which us often closed to more sensitive children.

Thank you Jen amazing work you do its fun and rewarding. We also love your holiday workshop instead of being cooped up she’s getting colourful and creative.

Thanks Jen and thank you Parsley Pie

December 21, 2015

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