So its been a very busy couple of months with all my term time classes here at Parsley Pie Hale, plus the Christmas holiday workshop & another Intergenerational art class! A few kids parties too & also my Pinot & paint Ladies evening! PHEW!!! 

I thought i’d share a few videos of the classes!

Photos are great to capture images but videos are really good at giving people a feel of what Parsley Pie Hale is really like & the different kinds of wonderful things the children do! 

Enjoy! x

Based in Hale near Altrincham in Cheshire in the UK, I’ve run Parsley Pie for over 18 glorious, messy & happy years!

I LOVE it!

Parsley Pie Art Club is run from my quirky inspirational & very messy studio where children of all ages & all abilities who have a passion for art, get the time, space & resources to be truly creative!

The ethos since day one is FREEDOM & SELF EXPRESSION!

Children are treated as individuals in small friendly groups & can work in their own way, in their own time.

They have time to ponder, problem solve & get to know themselves & their own minds!

I feel it is vitally important that children have time & space to develop their sense of self

I don’t dictate or breath down their necks interfering! but they know I am there if they ever need help or guidance or they wish to learn something new.

Get in touch to book or make an enquiry.

Telephone: 0161 904 9444

Parsley Pie Art Club is all about ~

• freedom of choice

• self expression

• passion

• self esteem

• independent thinking

• equality

• creativity

• learning


We welcome children of all ages & abilities!

& at Parsley Pie we have no curriculum, no grades, no report cards, no pressure, no judgement, no deadlines & definitely no clean hands ever!

Parsley Pie art classes help children to …..

overcome shyness

learn to problem solve

improve dexterity

relax & feel less anxious

build self confidence

think independently

feel happy & proud