We are going to make a snail, a bumble bee, a spider, a butterfly & a ladybird!
It is up to you what colours you use to paint your little creatures! Be imaginative and try experimenting by mixing your own unique colours!

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assortment of pebbles/stones
a few tiny twigs
white paper or tissue paper
acrylic paint
paint brushes
PVA glue
modelling clay (or blue tack will do!)
glitter/ jewels/beads (optional)


1. Imagine what each pebble’s shape lends itself to. For example a round fat pebble would be great for a bumble bee or a ladybird! A sausage shaped one would be good for the butterfly’s body!
Decide which pebbles are going to be used for which mini beasts

2. Ask an adult to help you when you are ready to stick some of the stones together to make the shape of the mini beasts or you’re sticking on the antennae or the spider’s legs. The best way to do this is to use a little ball or piece of clay covered in glue to help hold the stones/twigs in place

3. SNAIL – find a stone or pebble that is quite round for the snail’s house, then find a pebble for the body. Ask an adult to help you stick the “house” on top of the body. Leave to dry. Next stick on two tiny twigs for the antennae, then paint your snail with lovely bright colours!

4. BUMBLE BEE – paint a pebble yellow, leave to dry then paint the black stripes and a black face. Leave to dry. Cut out 2 wing shapes from the white paper/tissue paper and glue then on to either side of the bee’s body. Now paint a happy face onto the bee!

5. SPIDER – stick 2 pebbles together to make the spider’s head and body. Then use some thin twigs to stick 4 legs onto each side of the body. Next paint your spider & don’t forget to paint on some eyes! You could do a spotted spider or one with stripes! Choose any colours you like!

6. BUTTERFLY/MOTH – stick together two pebbles, one for the head and one for the body. Leave to dry. Next use two wing shaped stones or pebbles and stick these either side of the body. Now paint the body, the head and the wings! It is up to you which colours you pick, go wild and do some lovely patterns! If you have any glitter or beads around you can stick these onto the wings to make your butterfly extra colourful! Finally glue on two tiny twigs for the antennae.

7. LADYBIRD – paint the body all red. Leave to dry. Paint a black line down the middle of the body and a black face and black spots, if your pebble is big enough try using your fingers to paint the spots! and then to finish paint on some eyes!

8. Now your painted mini beasts should all be dry! I bet they look great! Where are you going to place them in your garden? or maybe they could live indoors in a plant pot on your windowsill

You could also try having really good look around your garden or the
park to see if you can find any real mini beasts!
See if you can spot any mini beasts under stones or leaves, on walls and
fences but remember not to touch them!