A woman with GRIT, Jenny Bent Parsley Pie

In about February or March 2001 i set up Parsley Pie
I have passion & grit 100%
I never doubted that my idea would not succeed
17 years later I’m still as passionate about my business & the Parsley Pie ethos, if not more so! 
I was never one for following some one else’s ideas or doing as i was told. I was never one to be the same as everyone else or stay in line! I’m still the same Jenny & I’m proud of it! 


Always full of ideas & with a crazy imagination Jenny didn’t enjoy school or college particularly

“I don’t like being told what to do, its as simple as that! I’ve also got a very very determined streak, there’s 2 good reasons why i’ve never been employed! & Im proud to say I’ve always worked for myself & made success of it!“

“I left school at 16 & transferred to another school for 6th form, which again i just didn’t like! So i ended up at college! ON a personal level I had total blast, meeting new friends, & getting up to much mischief!”

But although Jenny spent three years at college, she didn’t really draw or paint, & she considers herself to be a self-taught painter 

“I did not get on well with many of my tutors. I felt I could never please them. I felt I was stuck & failing because I was not doing things the way they expected. I was not a lazy student; I was just brimming full of ideas & passion & I wanted to get all these ideas out! I found it hard! I didn’t want to play the game & be suppressed. I found the painting and drawing classes and the methods of teaching very un-creative, un-imaginative & tedious. I felt dictated to, restricted and as if my creativity was being drowned. Any desires I had to paint were crushed. my creativity was almost crushed too, so I decided that if I couldn’t paint what i wanted to paint, id transfer my enthusiasm to anything that involved working in 3D! Consequently, I concentrated on sculpture, metal work, ceramics and I also loved photography & I still do to this day! 

I loved working with metal & for my final A level piece i spent months welding a gothic & tree root inspired chair! From scratch! It was tough work, in my boyfriend at the times garage. I did it totally on my own! I had an idea & ran with it! I was so excited & happy by my work! No one else did anything remotely as daring & different or unique but because i lacked the planning material, the design sheets etc I got a rubbish grade. That was the final nail in the coffin for education form me. I’lll never forget that………

I had no desire to go to Uni & the chair experience clinched it. I’ve never ever had any regrets about not going, i knew if i went to Uni I would be putting my life on hold, putting ME on hold. I just wanted to get on with life & follow my own path & be FREE …….& that is exactly what i did! 

When I left college in 1994 I began to paint constantly! I also continued to do photography & also work in 3D”



“So after leaving college I just got on with it. I did odd jobs, cleaning, babysitting all sorts along side painting & creating to earn the pennies!

I would say I was a professional artist since 1999. Thats when i really started to make money from selling my art & getting commissions”

Jenny specialised in creating original paintings and photographic/digital images inspired by the female form & nature. 

She also produced highly textured more abstract pieces too, experimenting with many different materials include grass, resin, plaster, adhesives & fabric! 

Jenny has worked on many private commissions over the years & gained commercial work from restaurants, hotels & interior designers. She also exhibited and sold her work all over the UK in private and public galleries. Her art work has being featured in various magazines including The Erotic Review! & Cheshire Life and on National Television. 

She has private collectors of her art work Nationwide, including a private collection of paintings at The Inns Of Court in London & also in America and Spain!

Click here to see examples of Jenny’s figurative art work


Jenny also used to make her own paper, greetings cards & decorative boxes to sell in local shops & craft fairs. 

She made 2 different types of boxes, some were made from grass mixed with resin & pressed flowers & others were made using Papier-mâché with plaster of Paris!

In around 1999/2000, along side working in her studio, Jenny began too run art workshops in schools all around Cheshire and Manchester. 



In need of a more stable income, as selling art & gaining commission work was at times a bit hit & miss, Jenny set up Parsley Pie Art Club in 2001!

WOW! & 17 years later! I am so happy & proud to still be running a very successful and highly recommended children’s art club here in Hale!

“I love it, i really do! I cannot think of anything else I’d rather to to earn a living! 

Many of the children who attend my classes have been doing so for years!! Some for over TEN years! WOW! I think its ace! Passion & grit = everything!”

Jenny now has over 18 years of experience and expertise working with children creatively!

Children of all ages and all abilities! Toddlers right through to Teenagers! She’s also has a lot of experience helping children with special needs too!

“I don’t consider myself to be amazing or a master at any one kind of art but I do think I’m  great with kids! Im a master experimenter with an excellent knowledge of all different type of material & techniques!” This i feel lends itself vey well to the art club, where kids really do want to get stuck in & explore different mediums & ways of doing things & be a bit messy! Go for it! that’s what i say!”