Jenny Bent Parsley Pie. A woman with GRIT

A woman with GRIT, Jenny Bent Parsley Pie In about February or March 2001 i set up Parsley Pie I have passion & grit 100% I never doubted that my idea would not succeed 17 years later I’m still as passionate about my business & the Parsley Pie ethos, if not more so!  I was […]

Jenny Bent Founder & Creator of Parsley Pie Art Club

jenny bent creative revolution parsley pie art club for children
  JENNY BENT ~ FOUNDER & CREATOR OF PARSLEY PIE Jenny Bent is the founder of Parsley Pie & has been running her Hale based art club for 17 years!   I LOVE LIFE! “I have many passions!  On a personal level I love my family! Family time is very important to me!  I love [&

Kids doing the Dab at Parsley Pie Art Club!

Kids doing the DAB at Parsley Pie Art Club! One of my Thursday afternoon classes! This bunch of kids are wild! I need ear plugs!! Its great! They have fun! I have fun It is bonkers, messy chaotic but ACE!!!! I love it!! In February 2018 I’l have ben running Parsley Pie Art Club for […]

Parsley Pie Art Club through the generations!

creative kids revolution, parsley pie art club for children
Parsley Pie Art Club through the generations! So, the other day I had an enquiry from a lady for her 5 year old son! SHE was one of my very first Parsley Pie students about 15 years ago!! OMG i feel Soooo flipping old!!!! But what a lovely surprise! Parsley Pie through the generations! Gave me

The benefits of art. No grades ever at Parsley Pie!

jenny bent parsley pie art club for children creative revolution freedom of expression
**ALERT!!! ** BIG MASSIVE PASSIONATE RANT! NO GRADES AT PARSLEY PIE!!!!!!!!!   I’ve run Parsley Pie Art club for children for almost 17 years! i know that art & creativity it makes kids feel happy, relaxed, it gives them a sense of pride, confidence, helps boost self esteem it gives them

Video intro to Parsley Pie & founder Jenny Bent

My first ever video!  In this video I talk about my background, when I first set up the art club & why I am so passionate about children having the opportunity to do art & be TRULY creative! Also, why are the creative subjects totally under funded & under valued in many schools????