I wish more people appreciated art & valued it as much as it should be! its such an amazing precious vital helpful thing!!
we were ALL born creative! a huge percentage of our brain is dedicated to creative thinking!! & we have been mark making, singing, dancing, making music, creating literature & art for millions of years!!! Too many schools push art & creative subjects to the back corner, So many kids who come to my classes do a pathetic one hour of art every 2 or 3 weeks!!! CRAZY!! & WRONG!

this woman, Nicky Morgan is talking total rubbish!!!!!
she is a narrow minded fool
i am all for kids dedicating time & effort to science, technology, engineering and maths (& of course English too as some kids STILL can not even read & write properly!!) but creativity is a vital & natural human path
The education system NEEDS to embrace, celebrate & encourage uniqueness, creativity, diversity & teach kids How to think NOT what to think
Creativity & art are brilliant ways for people to boost their sense of self & their self esteem & to feel satisfied & that they are good at something
why do so many people not value art? why do so many people not see & respect its importance!!! its madness, it is wrong!!
a huge part of our brain is dedicated to creative thinking!!! plus for millions of years we have always “made our mark”
it is part of of the human species & human nature to put what is going on in our brain, our thoughts & emotions & mind & translate that onto a wall or a canvas or a note book or into clay, into a book, a poem or make music & dance!