The benefits of art. No grades ever at Parsley Pie!

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**ALERT!!! ** BIG MASSIVE PASSIONATE RANT! NO GRADES AT PARSLEY PIE!!!!!!!!!   I’ve run Parsley Pie Art club for children for almost 17 years! i know that art & creativity it makes kids feel happy, relaxed, it gives them a sense of pride, confidence, helps boost self esteem it gives them

Parsley Pie Hale, 2017 Art Gallery

Martha & Diablo the goat at Parsley Pie Art club for children!
Parsley Pie Art Club Hale Gallery! The best so far of 2017!   WOW!!! Some really great art work there!  Do you know children who love painting? Making stuff? Being messy? Doing awesome creative things? Then Parsley Pie is the perfect place for them!  I welcome all ages & all abili

What happens to art after school reception class?

  So many schools do not give enough time, funding and resources for creativity! This FACT drives me nuts! Utterly wrong & frustrating that the arts are so under funded & under valued in many schools In reception class my son had a creative corner! A fun colourful messy area full of tis