Painting a sign to mark 17 years in business!

My gorgeous boy painting a sign for me, to mark Parsley Pie Art Club in Hale being a whopper 17 years old in 2018


Parsley Pie Art Club was established in 2001. 

If I do say it myself, a genius light bulb moment for me! At the time I was a professional artist and dancer! I had no degree, no real experience of working with children and no professional or formal business training. 

I just had vision! Plus a bundle load of grit, passion & a pure a love of creativity & freedom of expression.

17 years later Parsley Pie is a thriving business in Hale in South Manchester & it has also expanded to North manchester too, where Amanda runs her awesome club in Whitefield I absolutely LOVE it!


Some kids come for couple of years, some for 5 or 6 years & some even for more than a decade I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do to earn my living It makes me happy, it makes the kids happy!

Parsley Pie is the BEST!!!!!



1. To provide a positive, non judgemental, non competitive safe environment where children can laugh learn & make new friends

2. To give children a happy messy place where they are treated as individuals within a small friendly groups! Where they have the time to ponder, problem solve & tap into their imaginations!

3. To give children the opportunity for total freedom of expression! No curriculum. No pressure. No grades. No deadlines. NO judgement.

4. To provide a huge range of activities, materials & projects so children can explore, experiment, create & use THEIR OWN ideas!

5. To ensure children receive expert help, support & guidance but without being dictated to, or having someone breathing down their necks! To make certain that the children who come to Parsley Pie feel happy, inspired, positive, proud & able to achieve!

The same mission as when i started all those years ago & it will never ever change!



Kids need time to ponder, relax & tap into their own thoughts & imaginations Creativity is healing, confidence boosting & makes kids feel good about themselves! So precious & valuable! No grading needed, no curriculum needed. All the positive benefits, that’s enough!


Thanks for reading & watching!

Let your creativity run wild, always! Jenny x