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Using things you can find in your home you can make your house the scariest place to be this Halloween!



18 black bin bags
lots of old newspapers or dry leaves
black electrical tape
white card
red paint
paint brush
black elastic, string or wool

1. to make the spiders body stuff one bin bag full of leaves or scrunched up newspaper, then tie the end of the bag up
2. to make the spiders head stuff one bin bag HALF full of leaves or newspaper, cut off the excess bag then secure with tape
3. next, fix spiders body to the head using tape
4. now cut out two circles from the white card for the eyes, paint red & tape onto the head
5. next cut out two white triangles from the white card for the spiders fangs! Tape them to the head under the eyes
6. to make each of the spiders legs put two bin bags together length ways, secure in the middle with tape, then wrap them at two points along the leg to make joints
7. make seven more legs and then attach all eight legs to the spiders body with the tape
8. to hang your spider from the ceiling tape a length of string or elastic to the top of the spiders body & do the same in the middle to each of the spiders legs
9. using drawing pins or more tape hang the spider from the ceiling using the points on the body & legs so it is secure
10. now see how many people dare to look up at your giant creepy spider!


First download & print out the skeleton template using the link above

you will also need:
white card (approximately A4 in size)
Glue that will dry clear (PVA)
assortment of dried pasta shapes: spaghetti, spirals, bowties, shells, lasagne, etc.
black paint
paint brush

1. working from the head down (i.e. head, neck, torso, ribs, etc) carefully begin to position the pasta shapes on the card over the top of the skeleton outline
3. experiment by putting different types of pasta on different parts of the skeleton, and breaking up the pasta shapes, until you are happy with how it looks
EG: spaghetti is great for arm and leg bones, macaroni is perfect to use for the ribs and pasta bows make super hipbones!
4. next start to glue the pasta in place
5. and finally, paint the card black and then paint in between all the pasta bones to make the skeleton really stands out!

when you have done one, you can have a go at creating more spooky skeletons in different poses or try making animal skeletons! Or for a really scary picture invent your own weird creature skeletons!