Private art tuition for children of all ages

1-2-1 lessons really benefit children who are truly serious about art & are either already doing, or considering doing GCSE or A level art.

1-2-1 lessons are also great for children who may have special needs or require a little more help and guidance.

Please contact Amanda for more details & prices


How to book

Contact Amanda directly

Telephone: 0161 796 2408



Amanda is a mother of three wonderful daughters, six animals and lives with her ever-increasing brood in a conservation are in the heart of Whitefield!

Born into the world of art (Her mother was an artist and owned a large, successful art studio in Manchester City Centre) she was surrounded by creativity and started out winning drawing competitions as a child, then going on to sell several pieces to galleries and achieving local exhibitions for her art and pottery. Before motherhood, she ran a shop in Manchester for several years, which tested her skills as a seamstress. In her (virtually non-existent!) spare time she makes all manner of craft and pottery and tends to her garden.

Art is her passion, children her joy – a perfect combination!


You will be required to fill in and sign a registration form when your child comes to their first lesson


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