Jenny Bent is the owner of Parsley Pie and has run Parsley Pie Art Club Hale since 2001

Jenny has over 17 years of experience and expertise working with children creatively.

Children of all ages and all abilities! Toddlers right through to Teenagers! She also has a lot of experience helping children with special needs too!

Jenny began as a professional artist and by running workshops in schools all around Cheshire and South Manchester. And now for the last 14 years she has run her own very successful and highly recommended children’s art club here in Hale!

Many of the children who attend her classes and workshops have been doing so for over 5 years!! Some for over TEN years! Something she is really proud of!

The main ethos of Parsley Pie is FREEDOM! and making children feel special, capable, confident and of course HAPPY!

Parsley Pie Art Club stands for Freedom of expression! Freedom of choice!
There is NO pressure, NO time scales. NO deadlines NO restrictions
Children work on their own individual projects in their own time in their own way.

The only rules we have at Parsley Pie are politeness and patience!!

Parsley Pie classes are based around positivity and fun! We encourage children to use their initiative and imaginations! Uniqueness and diversity are celebrated!!

At Parsley Pie Art Club children have many different materials and projects to explore and choose from including – clay modelling, collage, painting, decorating boxes and plant pots, drawing, sculpture, decoupage, glass painting, card making, mask making, mosaic art and LOADS more!

Each group is limited to a maximum of 10, so children get plenty of individual help and guidance plus also the space and the peace to relax and be themselves!

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