Art classes for children in Altrincham Cheshire! Book now!

WOW!! It’s been such a super sonic busy few months here at Parsley Pie Art Club for Children! I’ve been flat out running my term time classes, holiday clubs & also a few kid’s parties too! I’ve also been a speaker at a ladies networking event! & along side all that, looking after my

Astrid the Viking Wolf & the goats Pepper & Diablo!

In the garden with Astrid the Viking Wolf & the goats Pepper & Diablo! Just a quick video to tell you about the term time classes i currently have available! So watch to find out more!   A little bit about the animals now!! I’ve had goats for years! They are super ace pets! Very [

Super creative kids at Parsley Pie Art Club, Altrincham

A little snippet of my Saturday 10am class at Parsley Pie Hale! I’ve been running the art club for over 17 years & i LOVE it! Sometimes I cannot be bothered with all the admin side of things but i always look forward to doing the actual classes! Many of the kids in this class […]

Beautiful garden at Parsley Pie Altrincham!

So over the years I’ve spent absolutely loads of time, effort and money creating a magical garden!  It’s full of flowers, trees, statues & other wonderful & unusual ornaments, pots & things!!  The kids who come to my art club are more than welcome to do their creative t

Kid’s Creative Summer Holiday Workshops in Altrincham, Cheshire

Creative kid’s holiday workshops! Children can get creative in our fabulous, professional messy art studio! Have fun in the Parsley Pie magical garden! & meet our gorgeous goats Pepper & Diablo! Parsley Pie Art Club is just 5 minutes drive from Hale,  & 10 minutes from Altrinc

Term time and holiday art classes for kids in Altrincham

HELLO! A little update about my children’s art classes!    At Parsley Pie we have an absolute maximum of 10 children per class or workshop! I often get asked if i can squeeze other child in & my answer is always NO NO NO!! We are all about quality not quantity!   Parsley Pie


THE BEST OF 2018 AT PARSLEY PIE HALE New photos added!! Some amazing, beautiful & fantastic art work here created by the kids at Parleys Pie! My awesome art warriors!!!     Since 2001 I’ve run Parsley Pie Hale I LOVE it! Time flies when you adore & are passionate about w

Parsley Pie Art Class in progress

The children who come to Parsley Pie Art Club don’t come for fame or glory!  They don’t come to make money or to win anything!  They don’t come to get a grade or certificate! They do come for the pure love of being truly creative!  They are passionate about art!!  Simpl

My lovely & loud Friday 4 – 5pm art class!

This is my awesome Friday 4-5pm class  My ace, fantastic & unique art club is 17 this year!! Woohoooo!!! So proud and chuffed to still be going strong & growing after all these years!!  I truly LOVE what I do!  Parsley Pie art club is a fabulous environment where children of a

Children’s art work in progress 17.03.18

I filmed this on Saturday!  The kids really do create some awesome stuff here at Parsley Pie Hale!  Im super proud of them!  Always makes me happy looking back at these video clips! Enjoy!   Parsley Pie Art Club Hale is a unique art retreat for children of all ages & abilitie