In the garden with Astrid the Viking Wolf & the goats Pepper & Diablo!

Just a quick video to tell you about the term time classes i currently have available!

So watch to find out more!


A little bit about the animals now!!

I’ve had goats for years! They are super ace pets! Very comical, affectionate & a bit crazy! 

I’ve had Pepper, the little brown one for many years, almost 13! I also used to have a his brother too, Pickles, but unfortunately he died when he was still young. So, I got Teddy, I rescued him from a farm, & he and Pepper where like brothers for about 12 years until Teddy died of cancer in the summer of 2016 . So, i rescued Diablo in the September of 2016 & boy he is a big strong devil! 

For about 25 years i was a cat lady! i rescued many cats over the years, but my last puss cat died last Autumn, Carrie, she was 20! 

So earlier this year i got my first dog! Astrid the Viking Wolf Chump! We rescued her from a shelter in Cyrpus! She is gorgeous! The best dog ever! & all 3 animals get along really well which is fab!! 


Any way now, back to the art club!! ………


Parsley Pie Art Cub is a unique art retreat for children of all ages & abilities who want the time, space & resources to be truly creative!

It’s so good for children to get off technology, screens & tablets & get stuck in & get messy! While tapping in to their own thoughts & ideas!

At Parsley Pie there’s ~

NO curriculum
NO pressure
NO grades
NO deadlines
NO clean hands!

We let kids use their own ideas & imaginations!
There’s no set topics or expectations!

Parsley Pie is all about FREEDOM!! YAY!!