Jenny Bent is one of the most positive, passionate, motivated & highly creative people you will meet!

“I truly love art, music, dancing, animals, being vegan & teaching, I love life! I often wish I could manage on only 2 hours of sleep a night, there's so much to do, it's great!!
I really enjoy passing on my knowledge and I try to transfer my skills, experience & passion onto others in a positive way! I hope that my forms of expression & my teachings are inspiring, interesting, fun & helpful!" Parsley Pie Art Club Hale

Jenny was born in Knutsford, Cheshire, in 1974 and now lives in Hale with her fiancé Nik, their 4 year old son Theron, 1 remaining cat & 2 chumpy Pygmy Goats!

Jenny considers herself to be a self-taught painter. Although she spent three years at college, whilst there, she didn’t really draw or paint.

"I did not get on well with some of my tutors. I felt that most of the time I could never please them. I was not a lazy student; I was simply working in a different way to how they expected. I found the painting and drawing classes and the methods of teaching very un-creative, un-imaginative, even tedious. I felt dictated to, restricted and as if my creativity was being drowned. Any desires I had to paint were crushed. Consequently, I concentrated on sculpture, metal work, ceramics and anything that involved working in 3D. I also enjoyed photography.
However, since leaving college in 1994 I have been painting constantly!"

"The natural world, the female form, music and my imagination inspire me in all my work. I love dancing and thrive on all types of music, from Rock to Classical, from Latin American to Egyptian, from Thrash Metal to Blues, from Turkish to 70s Psychedelic. I have also been a professional Belly Dancer since 1997 which has helped fund my career as an artist. I frequently dance in my studio whilst I am painting, this really helps me stay motivated and inspired, especially late at night!"

A professional artist since 1999; Jenny specialises in creating original paintings and photographic/digital images inspired by the female form. She produces art work for private clients, restaurants and interior designers & exhibits and sells her work all over the UK in private and public galleries. Jenny’s art work has been featured in various magazines including The Erotic Review! & Cheshire Life and it has been featured on National Television. She has private collectors of her art work Nationwide, including a private collection of paintings at The Inns Of Court in London & also in America and Spain!

click here to see examples of Jenny's figurative art work

Jenny aka ZALIAH has also worked as a professional Egyptian Belly Dancer for over 14 years dancing at: private parties, schools, weddings, Corporate & Charity functions, girls birthday parties, Community & Cultural festivals and Women's events. Zaliah has performed for Cherie Blair, John Lewis department stores, TV celebrity Jenny Powell & psychedelic rockers The Crazy World of Arthur Brown!
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after having Theron, Jenny took a bit of a break from professional performing but hopes to get back to it soon!

"Well, there is not much of it! I spend lots of my time with my beautiful 4 year old son Theron & my awesome and beastly fiancé Nik! Also my Carrie cat & goats and my family friends! I am very close to my family so I see them as much as possible! I am also very involved in animal rights & am very passionate about my vegan life style!

walking, yoga, dancing, veganism, Buddhist philosophy, love cooking, & love eating out! I can not live happily without music, there's always music blasting out around the house! I really like going to going to gigs and festivals, adore the sunshine, although i hate sunbathing! Plus I also love being organised and organising things & de cluttering and minimising the amount of "things" i have around me!

DISLIKES: materialistic and flashy people! Impoliteness, impatience, arrogance

FAVOURITE BOOKS/AUTHORS: Bill Bryson, Clive James, anything by His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama

FAVOURITE FILSM/TV: kill bill 1 & 2, benidorm, last of the mohicans, best in show, peep show, nightly night, the walking dead, dexter, gladiator, vampire/hammer horror films, zombie films! Frozen planet, my new best friend, spaced and my very guilty pleasures: made in chelsea & real housewives of orange county arrrggghhh!!! but i love them!

FAVOURITE BANDS/MUSICIANS: Black Sabbath, Omen, Sabaton, Testament, Over kill, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Dio, Adele, Helloween, Led Zep, Manowar, Bob Dylan, Queen, Abba, Accept, The Stranglers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Megadeth, Wasp, Ordo Funebris, I also love lots of Middle eastern & Egyptian music & Reggae

FAVOURITE ARTIST'S: Lori Early, John William Waterhouse, John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossett

Thanks for reading, Jen xxx