LITTLE TIGERS MAGAZINE It's Spring time again! Sunshine & showers means lots of lovely rainbows! Jenny from Parsley Pie is going to show us how to make a colourful & practical vase! RAINBOW VASE! MATERIALS 1. Jam jar or you could use a bottle 2. PVA glue 3. Paint brush 4. Scissors 5. Tissue paper in rainbow colours 6. Coloured paper 7. Different coloured ribbon 8. Different coloured wool INSTRUCTIONS 1. Prepare your paper by ripping or cutting it into strips 3. Prepare your ribbon wool by cutting it into lengths 3. Cover your jar or bottle with PVA glue 4. Next, starting with red start sticking your paper, wool or ribbon to make a horizontal stripe/section at the bottom of your jar 5. Then move on to the next colour, blue, above the red stripe 6. Keep going until you have covered the jar or bottle in stripes of rainbow colours - red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue using wool, ribbon & paper 7. If you have done all the 7 rainbow colours & you still have space left at the top start again with red, then yellow and so on 8. Leave to dry * If you do not have wool & tissue paper you can use pva glue & kitchen towel to cover the jar & then use poster paint to decorate it! Once your jar or bottle is dry you can find some pretty Spring flowers like daffodils to put in it! To find out about Jenny's kids classes & parties please click here! PARSLEY PIE KIDS ART CLUB TwitterFacebook